SA Meetings

 SA Meetings in Columbia, SC

All of our meetings are in-person. 

Directions: Entrance is in the back of the church. Look for the "S" signs 

Directions: Look for the "S" signs

Note: This meeting is suggested as a good meeting for a newcomer to attend.

Directions: Go to the back of the building, use the stairs to the lower entry

Please be aware that all SA Meetings in the Columbia area are CLOSED meetings.  This means that only people who think that they have a problem with sexual/lust addiction may attend. If you are a student or other professional, please see more information under the Connect With Us tab.

Anyone desiring help for them self is welcome to attend any of our meetings. You DO NOT Need to speak with anyone before attending, you DO NOT need approval and you DO NOT sign up for anything. 

When you attend a meeting: You don't have to say say anything or you may choose to introduce yourself by first name.  We will probably ask if you are a newcomer so we can give you a welcome packet. After the meeting people will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Meetings Around the Country

Follow the link below to find SA meetings around the world:

SA Meetings Around the Country*

*Special thanks to the SA International for developing and maintaining this list.

National SA Phone Meetings

The following link includes a list of live national and international phone meetings and instructions on how to access them:

Phone Meeting Schedule*

  *Special thanks to the Denver, Colorado Intergroup for developing and maintaining the telephone meeting list.